Angus and Julia Stone – Live

The atmosphere in the auditorium shifted as a long incessant cheer broke out, welcomed by the ancient stone walls as if they too were coming alive. Now under the veneer of darkness, the melodic clamour rose further still as four, no five silhouettes quietly traversed the stage.

Feelings of hot boredom and tiredness, on awaiting an appearance, instantly became a distant memory. As the twang of an electric guitar, met with a flash of blue light, displaying the room and the bodies that owned it. As we undulated to the sound of A Heartbreak, our minds were subconsciously restored by the music that would be our heroin for the night.

Now the night grew older and the welcoming smell of alcohol, sweat and marijuana increased, with the barrier of intimacy crumbling through the stories and songs that were shared between artists and collectors. With infinite feelings from, sharing something beautiful and interim with complete strangers, thriving within us all. Our eyes were glued to the hippie-like figures before us, whilst our bodies floated in tune with the soft harmonies.

Each song was an emanation from a past feeling, brought back to life and spreading throughout the room like fire. From song to song the mood changed but remained idealistically sun kissed as the siblings joked about how times have changed since their arrival in the city.

The night was coming to a close, and we all knew it, but the feeling of inspiration remained as the lights came on and we had to leave. It even remained as we ran back through the rain, with buzzing ears and hearts. The songs now hold new memories and stories for us to share.

Thank you Angus & Julia Stone.

Hammersmith Apollo, (16/12/2014)

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