How To Start Dreadlocks

Have you ever wondered, wanted or seen someone with those crazy knotted locks hanging down there back and thought, how the hell did they do that? If you’ve ever thought about getting dreadlocks on yourself or are just curious to how they come about, this will tell you exactly how to start them off.

So, I’ve had dreads for many years now and people are always asking me questions such as, how did you make them and do you wash them? The answer is yes by the way, I do. 

Anyway, after having been asked questions all the time I thought that I might as well put it on my blog. 

How to start dreadlocks? 

Okay so today is finally the day you decide you want your own set of dreadlocks and it’s time to begin. Now don’t worry if you don’t like them, you can take them out easily within the first month.  

Okay so first things first you will need to get yourself a crochet hook or two. It will need to be 0.6 mm; this is very important. You could also get a bigger one, 1mm, this will help when tightening your roots but it’s not a necessity. 

So, next up you will need to wash your hair. A lot of people think that your hair needs to be greasy or dry when you have dreadlocks but no. Your hair needs to be clean. This will ensure your dreadlocks are healthy and strong.

Okay so now that your hair is washed and dried and you have your crochet hook, you are ready to start dreading. 

Step 1. Sectioning 

Step one of dread locking is actual quite an optional step, and that is sectioning your hair. Now this is argued a lot within the dreadlocks world as to whether you need to measure and section your dreads or not but it is completely up to the individual. I didn’t section my dreadlocks I just put them in randomly throughout my head and they turned out pretty good I’d say. Yeah you might need to join a couple together along the way but it’s not a major issue. 

Although it’s not a necessity that you section your hair out I would recommend sectioning the top back and sides off and doing your head in quarters. This will make things much easier and less stressful, so make sure you have a handful of hair bands within reach.  

Step 2. Method 

Next up you need to decide your method of dreading. I used the rip and twist method but there are other methods out there such as back combing, twisting and of course naturally leaving them to dread themselves, this doesn’t work with all hair types though.

I personally find the rip and twist to be the most effective and longer lasting method. It also gives you more control over the dreadlock size. 

Step 3. Size 

Size is also very important to keep in mind when starting your dreads because you will need to make sure they aren’t going to be too big or too small. Saying this, unless your dreads are so big you can only fit a few on your head or so skinny they only contain a few hairs then it doesn’t matter bout size, its entirely up to you.  

Okay so a bit on rip and twist;

·       So what you want to do is hold the section of hair you want to dread straight out from your head until you feel a slight pull on the scalp.

·       Now twist the hair clockwise about 5 times.

·       Then split the dread in half between your two hands. And pull it apart all the way to your scalp.

·       Bring the two pieces back together again and repeat all the steps. 

You should see it starting to get knotted but not look quite like a dreadlock just yet, don’t worry that’s where the crochet hook comes in. 

Step 4. The crochet hook 

Okay so now that you have this fuzzy, knotted hair on your head how do you make them look like dreadlocks?

What you want to do is, starting at the root, use the crochet hook to gather as much hair from around the centre of the dreadlock. Do this by circling the dread in a clockwise rotation with the crochet hook, collecting as much hair as possible. Then you need to push the crochet hook into the centre of the dread and pinching it with your thumb and forefinger. This will hold the gathered hair in place. Now using the crochet hook, repeatedly push and pull into the centre of the dread to knot the hair together. You may have to do this regularly for the first few weeks to ensure the hair is knotted.  

Step 5. Products? 

Now I never used any products, oils or gels on my dreads, other than shampoo, because I feel like they just make the hair dirty. That’s not to say that you can’t though. A lot of people find oils help bring the dreads together better, so you can experiment with them. The best thing to give dreads though, to make them look better is time, unfortunately.

There are little cheats though. I found salt spray helped to define the roots more and make them look neater. It also helps to retain them for longer after they have been tightened. Everyone’s hair is different though, so may take longer to dread or require products but in the end, they will come together so hang in there and you’ll be a dread-head in no time.







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