How to: Hostel

Have you ever dreamed of spending the weekend in Madrid or wanted to travel though Italy but thought it would be too expensive? Are you planning on travelling or interrailing and want to meet likeminded individuals along the way? Do you want to wake up in a different city every week but not want to sleep in your car?

A hostel can provide you with all that you need and more if you know how to pick the right ones. They are a brilliant way to meet other people whilst on your travels, a place to relax and recharge or just a clean shower and a bed to sleep in for the night, for a much cheaper rate than a hotel.

How to book a Hostel?

Hostels work the same as hotels when it comes to booking, all you need to do is select how many beds you want, how long you will be staying and how many people you are willing to share a room with. The more people you share with the cheaper the room. They may ask for a deposit but this is very rare and if they do it will be cheap. If you are travelling and using hostels a lot, I would recommend having the app on your phone, this will make your life a lot easier.

Do you need to book in advance?

Hostels tend to be busy but there are always people coming and going so booking last minute isn’t a problem. My advice is to try and book the day before because this will make things easier but it’s not a problem if you can’t.

Are Hostels Safe?

A lot of people ask me if I felt safe sleeping in a room with complete strangers, to which I replied yes. Most people you meet in a hostel are travellers just looking for a place to stay the night. Most hostels will also have female only rooms and bathrooms, they will also offer a locker for your bag and valuables to be stored in. Hostels have a very relaxed and positive atmosphere in them so you will feel comfortable straight away.

How much do they cost?

The price of a hostel varies. This depends on where they are located and the service they provide. If you are low on cash, I would recommend booking just outside of city centres and sharing a room with a lot of people because this will bring down the price a lot. I’ve stayed in hostels for as low as £6 a night before. I found on average they are between £10 and £25 a night.

Hostel life.

When staying in a hostel make sure you are polite and friendly to the people you are staying with, especially your roommates. The last thing you want is to be woken up at four in the morning by your light being switched on so make sure you don’t do it to others. On a whole just make sure you are considerate to others and they will be considerate back. Dot be afraid to talk to people either, ask them where they have come from and where they are going. You never know they may recommend your next hostel.

Top tips

  • If you can, get a bed near a plug socket, this will allow you to charge your phone through the night.
  • Store your stuff under your bed and don’t take too much out of your case. The more you take out the more likely you are to lose something.
  • Use the hostel to top up on essentials like shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush.
  • Give your towel time to dry, don’t have a shower five minutes before leaving because your towel will still be wet.


My Recommendations: – This was a Beautiful hostel located in Madrid, around the corner from hundreds of tapas bars and even having a rooftop bar that gave you a view of the beautiful city. It had an amazing open social area with cushions and rugs circling a small fountain. I would recommend this place to anyone passing through Madrid. – Another beautiful hostel this time in Haarlem, just outside of Amsterdam close to a national park and links into Amsterdam. The rooms are gorgeous and unique with the cut-out bunk beds. It also has a café and a cute outdoor common are to chill in.



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