Aberystwyth – A Town Not Quite Like Any Other

So, for my girlfriend’s birthday I had surprised her with a trip to Aberystwyth, a wonderful little seaside town, where she had spent three years of her life whilst studying. She always said how she wanted to show me, so we were both looking forward to our little get away.


We had got on the train with high expectations, well I had at least. And as we rode through the sloped green valley’s of Wales, it brought a one with nature joy to my hippy like pride and I couldn’t help but think this was public transport at its finest.

Overall the train ride was quite relaxing, the views gave you a form of entertainment to pass through the three-hour journey, which was lucky because my girlfriends laptop had decided to break as soon as we got on the train – there went our ‘Criminal Minds’ marathon.

Eventually the train led closer and closer towards the back of a small building, that turned out to be a ‘Wetherspoons’ pub, where it came to its final halt. A pretty nice touch I thought, having the train station connected to the towns central watering hole.  

We got off the train as a cold kiss of wind caught us where our scarves couldn’t cover, which ushered us into the pub for a drink.

I could already tell this place was run by the friendly, due to the single line que at the bar, something I haven’t seen anywhere before. I’m used to fighting for elbow room with the guy next to me and struggling to turn with my drinks, to get away. But this place was different, relaxed and mature.

After waiting only moments, we found seats and had our drinks in the quiet pub before making our way back out into the street.  

The sky was still blue and the sun in sight so we decided to wonder for the rest of the evening before heading to the hotel.  

Although the small town was barely busy it showed the locals lifestyle of casual get together’s and meet ups. Almost as if it was a family, spread through neighbourhoods.

The houses and flats were another thing I noticed about Aber, the way they sat cosily into the hillside looking as if they had grown there, rather than been placed. A mix of greys, whites and brown brick trimmed with colour added a beautiful touch to this seaside town.

Whilst not all of them were new builds, I didn’t notice any majorly neglected properties, they all seemed to have been nicely kept.

The streets also contained quite a few independent shops and cafe’s, allowing you to feel like you’ve stepped off the beaten track, if you get what I mean.  

It seemed history met you at every turn, as we wandered from the old college building, to the castle ruins upon the seafront, whilst camera men and women roamed from spot to spot, all fighting for the best shot. We sat and waited for the sun to sink into the ocean, whilst being entertained by the starlings as they ducked and weaved through the pier. It really was a romantically perfect scene, sat on the sunny beachfront of an evening.  

Day two took us to a nice little café on one of the high streets, that offered a range of Gluten free options, I had a toasted sandwich and my girlfriend had the soup. We sat and planned our day as we finished off our lunch then left, hoping to take a walk along the beachfront over to the next cove but the cold weather defeated us, within the first hundred yards we headed back into the town. Instead we spent our afternoon browsing through the second-hand shops and hippy stores, containing quirky jewellery, candles, dreadlock accessories and ponchos- quite expensive ponchos. We Then headed to another café, by the square, in-order to try to fix the laptop – which came to no use.

After soaking in the warmth of the café for an hour we headed over to the train station, grabbing some chips on the way, to get our train home.  

Aberystwyth, on a whole, was a beautiful place, serene on the inside and out. The people were friendly and the atmosphere proved to be relaxed. I wish I had seen more of the Welsh landscape but the cold weather had put us off. Although it didn’t seem like a place with a lot going on, with my girlfriend agreeing with this, I hope it will be a place that I visit again – maybe next time in the summer though.  

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