Why I Decided To Dreadlock My Hair – A Bit About Me

Okay, so I’ve had dreadlocks for a few years now, well coming up to three years at the end of this summer to be exact. There’s been ups and downs to having them, just like there’s things I love and hate about having them.  Anyway, a lot of people ask me why I did it, “what made you do that to your hair?” Is the most common question, which is usually joined with a look of complete confusion or maybe even disgust, but who cares right. So just like everything in this world, there’s a story behind it and this is mine.

Ever since I was a young boy I remember wanting to have long hair, always for some reason wanted my hair to be long and messy, beach hair sort of thing. And this made perfect sense because I grew up in Sydney, Australia aka the capital of long messy beach hair. Of course, I wasn’t blessed with blonde hair, unfortunately I was stuck with mousy brown – something I’m glad for now, and to top this off my dad continued to take me for my short back and sides every other weekend. This was probably the reason I grew to hate going to the hairdressers but we’ll get to that later.

So around about the age of eleven I started to let my hair grow, admittedly it was kind of like the original Bieber hair, but before Bieber was famous, that’s what I tell people who look back at my photos at least. I kept this hair up until the age of fifteen, changing it ever so slightly by making the sides a bit shorter. I still wanted to go longer but was told it was not a good idea by my mom and older sisters. So, I kept going back to the hairdressers, secretly cursing them under my breath as they chopped away at my fringe. Eventually I woke up one day and decided, I’m not going to the hairdressers ever again, which I haven’t for a good three years now.

So, the hair growth began, it was getting longer and messier by the day. I thought I was on to a winner with this new style but before I knew it, people started telling me I looked like Harry Styles, yep another pop star came and ruined my hair growth plans. This was starting to get frustrating. This then lead me to the man bun faze, I was happy with this, I had a lot more options of how to wear my hair. A bun or not a bun- the simple things in life really, matter.

Although I enjoyed having a bun, because it felt like an achievement having hair long enough to tie up, something I’d waited a long time to be able to do. It only lasted a year or so before it became dreaded. Now from bun – to dreads didn’t happen overnight.

It all happened when I went on a trip to Majorca, now my hair is very thick and therefore becomes very frizzy and knotted when I’m in a place with high humidity so my hair started to naturally dread itself. This was when a friend turned to me and suggested dread locking my hair wouldn’t be a bad idea. After that I was hooked. I would find myself spending hours looking at pictures of people with dreadlocked hair (and read how they didn’t have to go to the hairdressers) I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of this before.

Anyway, not even a month after I returned from my holiday had I begun the process of transforming my hair from a standard man bun into crazy, mismatched dreads (probably shouldn’t have rushed them so much but they turned out okay). I received a lot of strange looks in my house for the next few weeks but I didn’t care I knew it was a great decision and to be honest I haven’t looked back since. I’m a big believer in doing the things that you want to do and not caring about what people think – that living in the moment kind of stuff, so I suppose that was the main reason for me dreading my hair but hey does it really, matter.

So, there you have it guys, the story of me and my hair. I don’t really, know what the true reason for this post was to be honest but I hope you enjoyed it all the same, feel free to tell me any random stories of why you decided to do something different with yourself or your life. Hope you enjoyed these ramblings of mine. Peace.




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