How to See The World With Only 28 Days Holiday a Year?

We all have the want to see the most beautiful views in the world, whether its gazing over clear blue water falls or roaming through culture filled cities. It’s in our nature, as human beings to have wanderlust, so why should we deny it?

I know what you’re thinking; “how can I possibly see the world, when I’m stuck behind my office desk for forty hours a week?” “And how on earth can I afford it?”

Okay so first, you need to start looking at things as though they are possible because guess what… they are. Last year I visited fifteen countries whilst working sixty to seventy hours a week as a chef. I also, only had 28 days’ holiday in that year.

Where to begin?

Okay, so let’s start fresh. No matter what time of year it is, your new life goal starts now, you want to see more of the world – so take out your map and pick somewhere you want to go. Better yet pick a few or my suggestion is to do a road trip or train journey through the place on earth you want to see most.

How can I afford it?

If I’m completely honest with you, up until last year, money saving was a mystery to me, I was sure it must be a myth. I was never able to save money – however now things have changed. Before you get too excited, I’m not a money saving expert, but I do have some tricks up my sleeve when it comes to keeping some money for later.

Firstly, you need to assess your finances and see where your moneys going. Everyone spends money on somethings they don’t need – everyone. E.g. are you paying for a gym membership that you haven’t been to in months, have you got insurance still being paid on your old laptop or tablet. There’s always money to be saved if you’re willing to save it.

I would also recommend having one place that you store this newly found money, whether its setting up a new savings account – big help I found, or just throwing your spare money in a jar. Now you may laugh at this but I saved more than enough to travel for weeks by saving my tips, rather than spending them on eating out, cigarettes and drinking. Yeah you may need to make some sacrifices but is stopping eating out once a week or going out for drinks now and then any comparison to exploring the coast of Italy, eating freshly prepared pasta of an evening – I’ll let you answer that.

What are some easy ways to travel?

There are loads of different ways to see the world and to travel cheap. Some will suit you and others won’t – here’s some of my favourites;

  • Car share – great way to either spend time with people you love or get to know new ones. Websites such as Blarblarcar allow you to find people heading to the same place as you and hitch a ride for a low price.
  • Interrail – great and easy way to get around Europe is interrailing – I know I had a great time when I did it.
  • Road trip – borrow or hire a small van or large car and go on a road trip with some of your buddies – this way you can share the driving hours, petrol and of course safety in numbers.
  • Coach – uses coaches such as Magabus that will take you from place to place at a much cheaper rate.


Okay but I can’t just get up and go… can I?

I’m not telling you to get up and leave your old life behind, unless you want to then that is fine. I’m saying that there’s a beautiful world out there that is just waiting to be seen – and it’s a lot easier than you think. It would only take eight hours to drive from Birmingham (around the middle of England) to Paris, so book a Friday off spend a night or two in a Parisian hostel and be back home Sunday night tucked up in bed ready for work the next day. Imagine, “did you do anything nice over the weekend?” “Yeah, had coffee and strolled through the Musée d’Orsay on Saturday, what about you?” That would be a much better answer than “stayed in and watched series 1 to 5 of Game of Thrones… again.”

So, next time you have the chance to go see someplace new, do it, don’t just make up an excuse to why you can’t or think it’s not possible because it is – people do it every day. There’s an adventure out there waiting for you so go ahead and take it – live like the adventurer you are. Peace.

2 thoughts on “How to See The World With Only 28 Days Holiday a Year?

  1. rmblsandrnts says:

    Thank you for sharing this inspirational writing! I think day trips are definitely something I want to do more of.. Now it’s just the saving money part. It’s hard to save when I feel like I have no expendable income.. but I guess that just means fewer chocolates! 🙂

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